Rueben Turk

Watch the video to learn more about Rueben Turk, owner of Mr. Naturalz Salon.

Ita Siufanua

ita siufanua

Hello my name is Ita Siufanua (a.k.a. Eka).

Here’s a little something about me:

  1. I’ve been in the natural hair industry for 12years
  2. I built a passion of hair at a very young age
  3. I can say I was the ponytail slayer as a child
  4. I love to go on trips, I am a big foodie, but most of all I LOVE WHAT I DO WITH HAIR.
  5. The best part of this industry for me is that I can do anything that my mind is set to do.

Sarabia Freeman-Edward

Sarabia Freeman-Edwards

Sarabia Freeman-Edwards, a native stylist of Seattle, is all about things hair. Healthy hair and natural styles makes her feel so alive.  She specializes in natural styles such as silk press, hair sculpting, protective styles, Bantu Knot, etc.  Her inspiration comes from God, her mother’s career support, and combining current trends with traditional vintage.  She helps her clients discover their personal style, from colors trends, edgy cuts,or style maintenance.  Sarabia has the ability to meet clients’ hair care needs by transforming their personal style to a lifestyle.